Ignoring My Girlfriend For 24 Hours... 

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I didn't mean for it to go that far.....


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Nov 18, 2020




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Anthony Brewer
Anthony Brewer 21 hour ago
team anthony
Kailah Ellison
Kailah Ellison 6 days ago
Awwww she so cuuttteeee I feel so bad for heeerr
Honey aesthetic
Honey aesthetic 7 days ago
I funny when she said anothy woke to on the wrong side of the bed
Joclynne Swonger
Joclynne Swonger 9 days ago
bella is so precious oml
Eduardo Ornelas
Eduardo Ornelas 13 days ago
Aww i go to cry too bella is go to make me cry when she start cry i was go to cry but i saw the end and was a prank 💔💔💔💔 😭😭😭😭
Jay Go Hard Jay
Jay Go Hard Jay 17 days ago
Bella is so emotional so this made me cry
Zahida Parveen
Zahida Parveen 17 days ago
Meah Rodriguez
Meah Rodriguez 19 days ago
Belle is such a mood when she wakes up 😭
Txddy_ Ki
Txddy_ Ki 19 days ago
Natalia Ruiz
Natalia Ruiz 19 days ago
Bella has the best reactions 😂
foxy_thegamer 26 days ago
nice vid
Rehan Samimi
Rehan Samimi 28 days ago
I love how she said im making meat for dinner and then leaves
Ruma B. Sookun
Ruma B. Sookun Month ago
She was crying
J J Month ago
it seems like Bella knew all along what he was doing cause took her so long to flip out unless he is shitty on the regular HOWEVER both are consummate actors BRAVO 👏 👏 👏 Bella you are the sweetest pea ever just love you 💛
veer and Aditi Tyagi
Her hair routine please 😍
Joaquinthegoat Padilla
2:55 oh hell naw 😂😂
Sanjana 14
Sanjana 14 Month ago
me watched this 13:04 for almost 50 times🥀✨🥺my heart just sinks he is so lucky to have her and she is so lucky to have him🤧✨stay blessed 💕🦋
Angela Gamer
Angela Gamer Month ago
all your video prank is just make each other cry that make me felt bad
Tonnet Thomas
Tonnet Thomas Month ago
Also just to say are you guys marry
Tonnet Thomas
Tonnet Thomas Month ago
You need to stop doing that Anthony I feel so bad for bella
Abi Thecool
Abi Thecool Month ago
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood Month ago
I can see that anthony was gonna cry when she started crying...i think he was gonna ruin the prank. XD
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood Month ago
Omg the way she came outside was so cuteeee. "look who woke up" was so cute hope they stay a couple forever.
Xylo Month ago
علي علوش علي علوش
Giannah Michelson
I love when Bella says AnThOnYyy
Elaine Xiong
Elaine Xiong Month ago
Bella “meet me at diner” She soo cute 🥺✨❤️ I luv u guys so much
Mia Terrones
Mia Terrones Month ago
I loved when Bella say baby look who Woke up
Jayden Torres
Jayden Torres Month ago
That was so sad
Its key key
Its key key Month ago
Family Advocate
Family Advocate 2 months ago
12:48 Omg that was too cuteee I wuv Bella🥺❤️
trintrin’S World
trintrin’S World 2 months ago
The way she was crying made me cry a little 😢💝
Taquita Dzame
Taquita Dzame 2 months ago
Ignoring your gf really anthony really anthony
Taquita Dzame
Taquita Dzame 2 months ago
What really anthony ingern you gf 😭😭🤬☹️👍👍👍💪
Alicia divas
Alicia divas 2 months ago
baby baby baby look how wake up: that’s smelt my heart omg🥺
alisha khalid
alisha khalid 2 months ago
who can hear the fn by lil tjay at the second intro
why do she talk like that? lowkey she sounds like a spoiled brat 😭
Zaheiry's Show
Zaheiry's Show 2 months ago
Henry gorilla gamer
Henry gorilla gamer 2 months ago
I felt so bad when Anthony was showing his fit and Bella said look at mine and he would just switch mirrors 😂😂😂
Nevaeh Barron
Nevaeh Barron 2 months ago
It’s sad hearing Bella cry but her cry is adorable
Teresa White
Teresa White 2 months ago
#pray for Anthony
Vlog with yoselyn S
Vlog with yoselyn S 2 months ago
Am I the only one watching this in 2021 like if you are too
Mushtaq Jasim
Mushtaq Jasim 2 months ago
Edwen Pierre
Edwen Pierre 2 months ago
Bailey Mejia
Bailey Mejia 2 months ago
Keeping up with tina
Plz talk to her
sarah howard
sarah howard 2 months ago
"can you give me some privacy please?"🥺 Man that hurt me
dat_bad_captain 2 months ago
Bro..while she was crying to you while kneeling....you looked alot like X..you know who I'm talking bout
omni flamingo
omni flamingo 2 months ago
Wats the song in the background and u got some taste in music
Brooklyn Ball
Brooklyn Ball 2 months ago
Ariel Fowler
Ariel Fowler 2 months ago
Y did he go to Jail
Angelisa Gonzales
Angelisa Gonzales 2 months ago
You both are soooooo cute😍😍. Love you both and may God bless you both with everything🥰🥰
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones 3 months ago
when she started to cry that hurt me :|
LORD POSEIDON 3 months ago
The sensitivity on her is too HIGH🩸🧬 Teach her to grow some thick skin ❤💯
Chloe 3 months ago
Wxrren 17
Wxrren 17 3 months ago
These Pranks Are Too Much For Her. Take It Easy On Her
Melanie Zumbana
Melanie Zumbana 3 months ago
Rudrapur Dehaat Rudrapur Rural
Please don't ignore her in real life ok she really loves you a lot .... We love you both 😇😇
Sebastian Bandaphone
Ok I’m a girl but my name is Ariana but hiiii I’m a big fan I love u guys so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Xiomara Cruz
Xiomara Cruz 3 months ago
Bella is literally the cutest like she melts my heart each time she trys to talk to Anthony 🥺
Clarinda Ramirez
Clarinda Ramirez 3 months ago
Shinaka Dilahani
Shinaka Dilahani 3 months ago
Omg...i m crying 😥... Her voice soo helpless when he ignores her
Je Chang
Je Chang 3 months ago
Bi fan bro
Mxtrix 3 months ago
Girl don’t ever use his name never, ever, do not say his name just call him babe, Bebe, nbaby, bae, bubbles, cutie, handsome, bubba, fluffy marshmallow, biscuits or whatever just not his real name cuz it makes him think he’s in trouble he ain’t saying it
Letishah Kelly-feeney
Hi am such a big fan
Ruth Gomez
Ruth Gomez 3 months ago
#pray for Anthony
Katherine Munoz
Katherine Munoz 3 months ago
Jemini Rabbitt
Jemini Rabbitt 3 months ago
She’s so sweet🥺🥺 but ik for a fact you be sleeping on the couch some times 🤣
Joselyn Cantu
Joselyn Cantu 3 months ago
Marlathecreator_ 3 months ago
When she started crying my heart broke 💔🥺 she’s so pure ily
ash 3 months ago
Bella is too patient 😭😭
Sneak Attacker
Sneak Attacker 3 months ago
I watch your TickTock‘s like every day
Princess Anniah
Princess Anniah 3 months ago
ant did not ignor her bc it is a tiktok of him in the same outfit and he was talking to her no hate bc i love them
Olona thando Tyatyeka
I felt so bad 😭Bella and anthony are such a good couple ❤️😍👌😊
juan fussion
juan fussion 3 months ago
how do u do ur curls bro
jastin bravo
jastin bravo 3 months ago
even after crying and getting sad 😔.... she said "meet me for dinner." awww she is very adorable 😊🤗
Janelle Collette
Janelle Collette 3 months ago
Lilly Mo
Lilly Mo 3 months ago
Monse Razo
Monse Razo 3 months ago
Omg you guys always prank bella by being mean to her
0kayHa1l3y hEhE
0kayHa1l3y hEhE 3 months ago
She’s so pure🥺🥺
Akeelah Thompson
Akeelah Thompson 3 months ago
Bro I feel so bad for her but im also laughing😂😂😂😂
Rosalinda Padilla
Rosalinda Padilla 3 months ago
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes 3 months ago
If you scrolled all this way why not like
Tayyibah Begum
Tayyibah Begum 3 months ago
She’s so cute oh my days 🥺🥺❤️
sukiyuen 3 months ago
Bella looks like Danna Paola. 😃
Shamariya Ballard
Shamariya Ballard 3 months ago
She cry to much
Ian Holton
Ian Holton 3 months ago
This is soo cute when she woke up hella said”look who woke up baby” it made me so happy that she wants to get ready at the same time Antony. Edit:thanks you so much for likes🥰🥰 hope you get likes too
Madison Tripp
Madison Tripp 3 months ago
Omg how do u wake up so pretty
tiktok tea
tiktok tea 3 months ago
Isabella is really emotional because she's pregnant🥺💕
tiktok tea
tiktok tea 3 months ago
When isabella said babe look whos up/ my heart🥺🥺
Evonii Miles
Evonii Miles 3 months ago
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 3 months ago
maria florton
maria florton 3 months ago
It's also Anthony wiping her tears with his vest for me😂🥺🥺🥺 I wish he was my man my man is 💩 he laughs at me when I cry😂😂😂😂
maria florton
maria florton 3 months ago
It's Anthony yeeting his clothes for me😂😂😂
Stephanie Simpson
Stephanie Simpson 3 months ago
I love you guys so much
Khloe Durrant
Khloe Durrant 3 months ago
Just got home to do my homework homework
paula valenzuela
paula valenzuela 3 months ago
I love Bella go get her food
Among us CBby Purr
Among us CBby Purr 3 months ago
Im sorry but sis got karma
Ailani Trevino
Ailani Trevino 3 months ago
Baby look who woke up☺️ my heart melted 🥺 Anthony purpose already plz