So this happened... 

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Didn't know she felt that way


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Mar 31, 2021




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Madison Olguin
Josie 3 days ago
What happened to their dad?
Kathy Chapman
Kathy Chapman 4 days ago
Angel Perez
Angel Perez 5 days ago
Kailah Ellison
Kailah Ellison 10 days ago
Why tf the Anthony said some fwae FWEA FWE
Oh Punz3l
Oh Punz3l 12 days ago
Why don’t we see much of Bella’s family
Matt Escanuelas
Matt Escanuelas 12 days ago
Jasmin Pierdra
Jasmin Pierdra 13 days ago
i love when ur brother said i wish u came back with the milk at 7:19
Herman gray
Herman gray 13 days ago
Herman gray
Herman gray 13 days ago
i love you
Juan Nava
Juan Nava 13 days ago
Yessir Manuel should be a wwe superstar gonna see him fighting John cena up in this 😂😂😂😂
Crystal Sanchez
Crystal Sanchez 14 days ago
Not her saying gold digger
alex 14 days ago
this video was funny for no reason lmaoaoaoao
Destiny Robinson
Destiny Robinson 14 days ago
I can tell Bella is going to be the new Catherine from the ace family
Anna-Maria Pineda
Anna-Maria Pineda 14 days ago
Did no one notice 9:48
Jose martinez
Jose martinez 14 days ago
When would u let Lexi get a boyfriend and then she picks up the phone
Jason Visger
Jason Visger 15 days ago
I love your videos
Natalia Encinas
Natalia Encinas 15 days ago
I love you guys Bella do you have a boyfriend before
Annabelle Delgado
Annabelle Delgado 15 days ago
Nah not all girls are the same boys be braking my hart
Narec Lints
Narec Lints 15 days ago
Their dad watching like: 🥺🥺🥺
Esenyah Carrillo
Esenyah Carrillo 15 days ago
I’m dead he said I wish my dad came back with the milk
Nana Lopez
Nana Lopez 16 days ago
U guys are the best
Nana Lopez
Nana Lopez 16 days ago
I follow u guys on tiktok
Arianna Garibay
Arianna Garibay 16 days ago
what’s the video of lexi telling bella she’s lucky she’s pregnant
Fortine Player
Fortine Player 16 days ago
Is it just me or at 10:00 Bella made a sound and Anthony said hey or babe stop not to be mean but he couldn’t added a please🥺
cecilia_isasunsine 16 days ago
When was the day that You metros bella
Grettel Chavez
Grettel Chavez 16 days ago
Am I the only one that finds Bella’s and lexis voice annoying lol they sound like they’re gonna cry
Keola Kawaakoa Bergau
i love you
Erieliz Chinchilla
Erieliz Chinchilla 16 days ago
When she said gold digger am like WHAT! I didn't even believe it like I felt like . You ask people for money.
Hannah Simmons
Hannah Simmons 17 days ago
Jr can be Triple H to my Stephanie🙂
Kotoni Anitema
Kotoni Anitema 17 days ago
Is bella really a gold digger?
Hilly Make up
Hilly Make up 17 days ago
AB family for life baby Vargas can’t wait to see you
Valerie Munian
Valerie Munian 17 days ago
The most cutest couple, waiting to be able to have a baby of our own some day
Jayden Singer
Jayden Singer 17 days ago
when y’all getting married
Janaya Maxis
Janaya Maxis 17 days ago
these coments are funny
Quiyari Freeman
Quiyari Freeman 17 days ago
Quiyari Freeman
Quiyari Freeman 17 days ago
Alyssa Thurman
Alyssa Thurman 17 days ago
How far along are you and how is baby vargus doing
Nini Powell
Nini Powell 17 days ago
Ofelia Galicia
Ofelia Galicia 17 days ago
Bella and Lexi are so PRETTY!!!🥺💕💕
Yareli copado
Yareli copado 17 days ago
Can’t wait for baby Vargas we need the name already !! ❤️
My'Zanae Nicole
My'Zanae Nicole 17 days ago
Y’all play to much with Lexi😭I know y’all be playing with Lexi but I low-key be feeling bad for her lol
Duhh_its_Angie Gutierrez
Omg same l always wanted to go to bora bora
Trinity Toledo
Trinity Toledo 17 days ago
Am I the only one that noticed that when Anthony got asked “when can Lexi have a boyfriend” he said when she wants and she went to grab her phone I think she has one and nobody knows🤭😳
realkipbop's sister
Elizabeth Lazarz
Elizabeth Lazarz 18 days ago
I was right Lexi would be homeless lol 😂
Thatgurl Payton
Thatgurl Payton 18 days ago
Two comments and two likes
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz 18 days ago
it.look like you are so sweet
Mikaila Yoder
Mikaila Yoder 18 days ago
I swear the intro song is so amazing I love you Anthony and Bella can’t wait till baby comes
Droppadon 18 days ago
Tell lexi i said if we out to the zoo😭
Adilene Zamora
Adilene Zamora 18 days ago
Deep Music
Deep Music 18 days ago
I'm comforting myself because I prefer what's going on in my head to what's going on in my life.
mariah frias
mariah frias 18 days ago
•_•Alex._. Life
this video is funny 😂😂
Zara Plays
Zara Plays 18 days ago
i just think lexi carries all the vids
•_•Alex._. Life
Joshuet Santiago
Joshuet Santiago 18 days ago
Almost to a million lets do this subscribe people.
Rara ranceee
Rara ranceee 18 days ago
I jus realized how white Bella looks, she’s so pretty 😍😍
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 18 days ago
today is a good day to be a good day
Callye Earnest
Callye Earnest 18 days ago
If I could say one thing to my dad it would be “Where’s my milk”
Haidy L
Haidy L 18 days ago
Happy April fools!!
Cookies Love
Cookies Love 18 days ago
Bruh-when he said I wish he came back with the mike pls-💀
bryan padilla
bryan padilla 18 days ago
Mikayla holmes
Mikayla holmes 18 days ago
Pregnant morning routine
Youtube Slipyy
Youtube Slipyy 18 days ago
I got clickbaited damm
lil Concho
lil Concho 18 days ago
dexify 18 days ago
Wait Lexi is back
Kim Capps
Kim Capps 18 days ago
Vanessa Sing
Vanessa Sing 18 days ago
Bella is so pretty
Angel Omisakin
Angel Omisakin 19 days ago
I pray u get a million before the baby comes and I pray u stay Strong together and don’t let social media takeover ur relationship
Juice Edits
Juice Edits 19 days ago
There gonna do a**** f**** 😐
Angelli Marty
Angelli Marty 19 days ago
The clips in “3.25” Is not actually proof of her being the meanest out of their group. The one when she pushed Bella drink was because Of a prank Video of a challenge *which is being rude for 24 hours* Also the other lil clip was when Bella threw water at her when she was sleepin.
Mango Play Music
Mango Play Music 19 days ago
This isn't right.
Deep Music
Deep Music 19 days ago
I'm soothing myself because I prefer what's going on in my head to what's going on in my life.
Julissa Vasquez
Julissa Vasquez 19 days ago
Down plzz can i get a shout out
Christy Daetwyler
Christy Daetwyler 19 days ago
Manuel aint even paying attention... here for it Hahha nah buh I'm ready for this baby, and for that mf proposal....
Jayla Perry
Jayla Perry 19 days ago
Mario-plays 19 days ago
I clicked faster then Bella could say “ANTHONYYYYYYY”
PAPI CHULO 19 days ago
Lexi: hand movements Anthony: SmOkInG CrAcK??!!
Ariana Rangel
Ariana Rangel 19 days ago
I can't wait for baby Vargas
luigi mario
luigi mario 19 days ago
Bella:, have you ever got caught by the cops Anthony: no😯 Bella: yes stupid you got arrested
Rose Bud
Rose Bud 19 days ago
What nationality are you guys💖
Rose Bud
Rose Bud 19 days ago
Are you guys Jewish?
Rareyma 19 days ago
Can we just talk about there cutenis
nxna_.221 19 days ago
Mango Play Music
Mango Play Music 19 days ago
Anthony wants to raise the question as soon as possible.
Deep Music
Deep Music 19 days ago
I KNOW lexi loves Bella because she answers Bella's phone calls even though she is avoiding Anthony.
Meme Todd
Meme Todd 19 days ago
Please post more
Mary Blas
Mary Blas 19 days ago
Wait why was Anthony in jail?
Lou Stow
Lou Stow 19 days ago
he is 5 4 im 5 7 im 10
Hi Girlys
Hi Girlys 19 days ago
Who else knows the hole intro song and also I can’t wait for baby Vargas💙💙💙
Chelsea de Gannes
Chelsea de Gannes 19 days ago
3:11 😭😂🤣💀💀💀
Juan Gallardo
Juan Gallardo 19 days ago
Been here since the “I’m pregnant on boyfriend prank”🤟🏼they’ve grown so much
Meliyah Cordero
Meliyah Cordero 19 days ago
You should do a water broke prank on Anthony
Revilz Zokzy
Revilz Zokzy 19 days ago
Whoever likes this wants to Anthony with dress hair done and make up
sharonda wooten
sharonda wooten 19 days ago
Hey bella
Kimberly Madera
Kimberly Madera 19 days ago
can we all agree that anthony and bella is the most cutest couple channel i can't i love ya'll so much ya'll make my day with your awesome channel
sharonda wooten
sharonda wooten 19 days ago
kenia Who
kenia Who 19 days ago
At 6:02 Oh meee trying to flip my phone and see what she’s spelling 😭😭
Emily Dawson
Emily Dawson 16 days ago