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Jan 13, 2021




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Orreashia jennings
I want a girl
Gemma Matthews
Gemma Matthews 5 days ago
Girl 100%
RTS Gaming
RTS Gaming 7 days ago
I think a boy
Selena Martinez
Selena Martinez 10 days ago
A baby girl Chocolate for a girl Sour candy boy
Keily Madrigal-Madrigal
Boy or girl
Keily Madrigal-Madrigal
Kamryn L.
Kamryn L. Month ago
I guess its a boy
Lyssa Renee
Lyssa Renee Month ago
Well I watched your gender reveal but if I did not know I would of thought it was a 👧 girl
bryann chavez
bryann chavez Month ago
Zakaria Hamdan
Zakaria Hamdan Month ago
A boy
Tracy Sullivan
Tracy Sullivan Month ago
Jennifer Reyes
Jennifer Reyes Month ago
I think it is a girl
guadalupe ventura
It a Boy
Emma Bigby
Emma Bigby Month ago
guadalupe ventura
The game Friends lo que si me contesta el
Ileen Morel Lantigua
Ileen Morel Lantigua
Boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy
Trin Hill
Trin Hill Month ago
A girl
Marie Irvin
Marie Irvin Month ago
Official Official
Girl it's going to be a girl well I don't know but I hope it is but if you have a boy I'll still be happy
Naya Polanco
Naya Polanco Month ago
36% a girl
Onlina Luna
Onlina Luna Month ago
STOP SAYING ITS A BOY because it's a girl I am in the team of a girl yall are crazy except Bella and Anthony 🥰
Abreena Reyes
Abreena Reyes Month ago
boy boy boy boy boy
Lxtin Doll
Lxtin Doll 2 months ago
Hold on.. they didn’t do blood test yet but they know the gender? I’m lost.
Taquita Dzame
Taquita Dzame 2 months ago
It a baby girl 🤰👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👋👋👋
The only Marrisa
The only Marrisa 2 months ago
rmayecsi 55
rmayecsi 55 2 months ago
Please get the teddy that they will keep forever and act like it’s their kid my mom and dad got me one and to this day I still have my teddy
Trina Brianna
Trina Brianna 2 months ago
They need to have dads go in. That’s so unfair 😭. Women want men to step up and take care of their children just like vise versa but only the women can go. That’s so horrible and twisted. This society is so messed up. Just whatever u do guys. Don’t take the vaccine no matter what they say ♥️. I really hope you’re able to go in because that’s such a special moment. Just for Anthony to hear the heartbeat would make me real happy. I’m so happy for u two 😌.
queen abby Davis
queen abby Davis 2 months ago
GIRL plsss
faith loa
faith loa 2 months ago
It’s a girl
Ashley Gonzalez
Ashley Gonzalez 2 months ago
When is y’all next video
Caziah Ward
Caziah Ward 2 months ago
Congrats on the baby! I can’t wait until the baby grow up so he or she prank y’all
Sophia Valerio
Sophia Valerio 2 months ago
Sophia Valerio
Sophia Valerio 2 months ago
Akshly it’s a girl
Saribela Romero
Saribela Romero 2 months ago
Before the baby is born you should get baby monitor I recommend it
ruthann duran
ruthann duran 2 months ago
I sorry to bring it up but hopefully you don’t have high blood pressure because that can kill the baby u say this know so your kid doesn’t end up like my niece because my niece died in my sisters stomach so try not to higher. Your blood pressure
ruthann duran
ruthann duran 2 months ago
It’s a. Girl for sure if I am wrong I am going to take a bath in ice
Madysen Sargent
Madysen Sargent 2 months ago
It’s most likely gonna be a girl
kristen alatorre
kristen alatorre 2 months ago
Johanna Haludilu
Johanna Haludilu 2 months ago
Jasmin Ramírez
Jasmin Ramírez 2 months ago
Girl 👧
Monlly Vids
Monlly Vids 2 months ago
Love u guys
ash aka wonder woman
I think girl!!!!!!!!!!!
Jabu Kumalo
Jabu Kumalo 2 months ago
Kassandra williams
Kassandra williams 2 months ago
Nylea Durant
Nylea Durant 2 months ago
I think girl
Na'rea Perry
Na'rea Perry 2 months ago
I think it's going to be a girl
guadalupe ventura
guadalupe ventura 2 months ago
Is a girl ♥️
Aylin Xelhua
Aylin Xelhua 2 months ago
It’s. A. Girl 👧
Amari Martin
Amari Martin 2 months ago
Y’all should do a belly cast and I think it is a girl
Alishbah Arif
Alishbah Arif 2 months ago
Omg I can’t wait till baby Vargas calls you guys mummy and daddy 🥺🥰
Ashley Montalvo Suaste
Amya Flint
Amya Flint 2 months ago
I feel like a girl I'm pregnant with a girl
Arianna Farias
Arianna Farias 2 months ago
I wish it a girl
Adilene Pena
Adilene Pena 2 months ago
I feel like it’s gonna be a girl
TrippyJayVu _
TrippyJayVu _ 2 months ago
Yall should get a rock back and fourth seat so when yall don't want to rock your baby it will rock itself
leah Hernandez
leah Hernandez 2 months ago
You gies should get your baby nesquik star berry flavor powder for milk I had that when I was little it was bomb
Brian Gatlin
Brian Gatlin 2 months ago
Mrs. Harris
Mrs. Harris 2 months ago
Rubina Saleh Mohammad
I think it’s a GIRL 👧 👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧🥺🥺
Diane Martin
Diane Martin 2 months ago
it's a girl
Prettyface. Ellie
Prettyface. Ellie 2 months ago
A boy
Liliana Vargas
Liliana Vargas 2 months ago
I think it’s going to be a girl
Jaylei Hahn
Jaylei Hahn 2 months ago
So cute well have fun I am only a kid so
Illiana Toca world ss
I thought u are having twins
Gia Orlando
Gia Orlando 2 months ago
eat pink or blue food for 24 ouers
Maria Munn
Maria Munn 2 months ago
Wait how do you know the gender and ur only 2 months in that’s quick
Ajajnane Price
Ajajnane Price 2 months ago
I think it’s a girl
jj barns
jj barns 2 months ago
cringey ass behavior
Jasmine Jimenez
Jasmine Jimenez 2 months ago
The hospital will provide you diapers. When you get diapers at the hospital use one pack put the other pack in your bag and ask the nurses for more diapers and keep doing the same if you stay there for two nights they usually leave you 2 to 3 packs but take plenty home from the hospital like that you don’t have to buy any. Also if you have a baby shower put in your invitation to bring a box of diapers ad do like a raffle for your guests and you’ll be set that’s what I did for my baby shower and I didn’t have to buys diapers or wipes for a while
Kamiya Wiley
Kamiya Wiley 2 months ago
The baby is going to be so cute
Jahnell Mendoza
Jahnell Mendoza 2 months ago
Deborah Robert
Deborah Robert 2 months ago
dr. brown bottle
Aliyah Lewis
Aliyah Lewis 2 months ago
シHeyLynett 2 months ago
Congrats my aunt is having her first baby and she’s already gotten the ultrasound I’m so happy for you and her😁!
your butiful follow me
a girl
ellie Ell
ellie Ell 2 months ago
i feel bad that anthony can't go with her
NICOLE GONZALEZ 2 months ago
i think it is a girl
Arianna Garcia
Arianna Garcia 2 months ago
Stephanie Tenorio
Stephanie Tenorio 2 months ago
The life this baby is gonna have. He or SHE will LOVE IT!!!
cynthia timeche
cynthia timeche 2 months ago
Aliesha Diaz
Aliesha Diaz 2 months ago
It a girl yay
•Peachxchiii• 2 months ago
Anthony looks like my crush and I hope me and him r gonna be “together” 😔
Kemoya Miller
Kemoya Miller 2 months ago
A girl
I’m Jna
I’m Jna 2 months ago
The name should be Ivory
Lojuan Burton
Lojuan Burton 2 months ago
I think it’s a girl
Lojuan Burton
Lojuan Burton 2 months ago
Did anyone find out they were preorder of tik tok
Emily Romero
Emily Romero 2 months ago
Team boy💙💙
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl 2 months ago
Girl for sure
Arely Velez13
Arely Velez13 2 months ago
Dorothy Smith
Dorothy Smith 2 months ago
Proud Filipina here ❤️🥺
Roblox by Hannah x
Roblox by Hannah x 2 months ago
Boy I think
Alyssa Worlds pink
Alyssa Worlds pink 2 months ago
Girl 💖💖💖💖
Isina Cook
Isina Cook 2 months ago
A girl
Yes Yes
Yes Yes 2 months ago
sasha ndubuisi
sasha ndubuisi 2 months ago
LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!``~~~~~~~~~~~~`
Samiya Silvera
Samiya Silvera 2 months ago
Time girl
Jana Sullaiman
Jana Sullaiman 2 months ago
Adrian Barba
Adrian Barba 2 months ago
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