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Dec 22, 2020




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A&B Things
A&B Things 3 months ago
thank you guys for watching :)
lUNATIC Month ago
I love you
Zara’s Life
Zara’s Life 2 months ago
@Rara ranceeeOMG IT DOES
Omar Amaya
Omar Amaya 3 months ago
I love you guys so much 💖💖
Serenette Palmer
Serenette Palmer 3 months ago
Natalia Gable
Natalia Gable 3 months ago
love your ceanl
The voiceovers tho- 😂😂
Krista Lopez
Krista Lopez 2 months ago
omg i was cracking up when u did the voice XD
Kayla Bartley
Kayla Bartley 2 months ago
i love thisssss. and the voiceovers anthony 100% A-MAZ-ING!!!!
Elizabeth Ibarra
Elizabeth Ibarra 2 months ago
Can I please get that?! 🥺🥺🥺
iluvharrystyles 2 months ago
Staci Schreiber
Staci Schreiber 3 months ago
What about me Nah I’m just playing I live in Visalia
stay smooth
stay smooth 3 months ago
Plz post any other video plz 🥺
Kamora MacArthur
Kamora MacArthur 3 months ago
I wish that was me🥺
Las amiguitas Alli&Mel
8:57 broooo im DEAD!!!😂😂😂😅
Avryl Lopez
Avryl Lopez 3 months ago
When Anthony said “where ur seatbelt huh put it on” “Lexi I do have it on it an imaginary one”😂😂
Sonia Juarez
Sonia Juarez 3 months ago
you guys posted thing on the day of my birthday and I did not even know and turned 17
Sharon Reed
Sharon Reed 3 months ago
Bella- I want to be a u tuber just like you you are so sweet and need to be you no matter what Anthony- My boyfriend said he looks up to you and we should be a couple like y'all I lysm guys
LARONDA GAMEING 3 months ago
When you said we have the camera man in the back it was a girl and it was your sister
Shaunteria Myers
Shaunteria Myers 3 months ago
i love yall so much
Anthony Duck
Anthony Duck 3 months ago
Damn I wish they could visit me that would be a dream come true
jaylah Gonzalez
jaylah Gonzalez 3 months ago
U are so sweet off you❤❤❤❤❤💖💖
Kaelynn Bice
Kaelynn Bice 3 months ago
Done I love you guys 😟❤️
HappilyEverAfter 3 months ago
The voice over tho!q
Mak13ayla Mak13ayla
Mak13ayla Mak13ayla 3 months ago
8:08 Lexi saying “yeah😒” had me laughing🤣💀
Adrianna Dominguez
Adrianna Dominguez 3 months ago
frl 😭😭
daisy ortiz
daisy ortiz 3 months ago
why don’t y’all come down to oklahoma
Don’t Read
Don’t Read 3 months ago
They the most awkward people ever wtf 😐
Don’t Read
Don’t Read 3 months ago
I’ve never cringed in my entire life😐😐😐😐😐😐😐that’s jus weird
Poke Poke
Poke Poke 3 months ago
What daddy
Neisha McGhee
Neisha McGhee 3 months ago
Y’all don’t come to my house 🥺😢😢😭😭😭
Destiny Stansbury
Destiny Stansbury 3 months ago
Erika 3 months ago
Omg i love you guys
Lexi the._.weirdo 101
I love your videos and I subscribe and liked for your Christmas present 😁
Claudia Vega
Claudia Vega 3 months ago
To know you are risking your life for us is amazing I love you😘😘😘😊😊😊😇
Jamile Mejia
Jamile Mejia 3 months ago
love yall 33
Avery Delaguila
Avery Delaguila 3 months ago
l love you guys
Selena Martinez
Selena Martinez 3 months ago
Bro I swear lexi was high on apple juice or sum in the car✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽😭😭😭😭😭
Jocelyn Arellano
Jocelyn Arellano 3 months ago
You guys are good at raping things or presents
Jocelyn Arellano
Jocelyn Arellano 3 months ago
jazzlyne vargas .!
jazzlyne vargas .! 3 months ago
Marissa Williams
Marissa Williams 3 months ago
Me plz love yall and yay baby Vargas
Nasiaa2 validdd
Nasiaa2 validdd 3 months ago
Wish that was me 😕
Cynthia Flores
Cynthia Flores 3 months ago
the secount subscriber looked like bella'
Roisin Langford
Roisin Langford 3 months ago
Who else know the into just as they pop up on notifications
justina benakova
justina benakova 3 months ago
Hilly Make up
Hilly Make up 3 months ago
Is doneee 🥰🥰
I -
I - 3 months ago
It’s crazy how she was pregnant since November and we had no idea
Avryl Lopez
Avryl Lopez 3 months ago
I -
I - 3 months ago
@NoT_ NiYaH haha
NoT_ NiYaH
NoT_ NiYaH 3 months ago
I just noticed, we have the same pfp...................
sindy Hernández
sindy Hernández 3 months ago
i can just imagen meeting them
Official.fizzàh 3 months ago
Lexi is so unbothered 😭😭😭😭
IamJanae 3 months ago
I'm dying when Anthony did the voiceover at the subscriber's houses😂😂😂 hold on call an ambulance I'm dying and can't breath 😂😂
Wavy Jerm
Wavy Jerm 3 months ago
Go go go go who's next
Yasmin Villanueva
Yasmin Villanueva 3 months ago
This is why I love this couple
Dei 3 months ago
😪wish i lived near y'all aww this is o sweet❤
VERAMAE AZURE 3 months ago
Subscribed and the the bell on and liked ur video so I am Done I love you guys wish I could meet you
Dominick Garcia
Dominick Garcia 3 months ago
Catalina Garcia
Catalina Garcia 3 months ago
This is my favorite video💕🥰🥺
Jesus Romero
Jesus Romero 3 months ago
The one you just left at the door at the apartments is my friend cynthia
Elyiyo ps
Elyiyo ps 3 months ago
Where did you guys made that video????
laura 3 months ago
The best couple
Trysanne Cedeno
Trysanne Cedeno 3 months ago
dipper tripper
dipper tripper 3 months ago
you guys did a great job because every christmas we give homeless people posole
Rachel Maker
Rachel Maker 3 months ago
I subscribe and got nothing 😢
Landon Allen
Landon Allen 3 months ago
ur my favorite you tubers and couple ever
Landon Allen
Landon Allen 3 months ago
and i love yalll so freaking much
Anthony Rayman
Anthony Rayman 3 months ago
fourwarrenkids 3 months ago
Trinity Marie
Trinity Marie 3 months ago
Awwwe I wish that was mee who’s house y’all went too
Trinity Marie
Trinity Marie 3 months ago
That cop looks familiar
Trinity Marie
Trinity Marie 3 months ago
$Trinitree21 I knoe Im late 🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭noooooo!!!!
Trinity Marie
Trinity Marie 3 months ago
Awwwr that treee tottts adorable
Trinity Marie
Trinity Marie 3 months ago
Couple goals I swear !!!!!
Trinity Marie
Trinity Marie 3 months ago
Y’all soooooo cute 🥰
Trinity Marie
Trinity Marie 3 months ago
I love you guys sososososo much y’all are so amazing 🤩 like Dammn. I see great big great things comming your way. I really don’t think your flexing. Like that brings tears 😭. Because I can relate I didn’t get a Christmas this girl I’m going. Through A lot and I’m glad that your doin this I think everyone deserves to open up a present 🥰😍 love you guys so much merry Christmas I’m sorry I’m late on this comment
2kLuckyaces1 3 months ago
2kLuckyaces1 3 months ago
Is my cash app😳
Itsaubriana 3 months ago
Aww you didn’t do me 😢
bts stan
bts stan 3 months ago
i love how you guys think of other people
Kayla &’ Cj
Kayla &’ Cj 3 months ago
I love this !🤍🤍
Yocelyn Valdez
Yocelyn Valdez 3 months ago
VICTORIA REYNA 3 months ago
omg i wish you came but i will be watching i was watchching sine day 1
David Sanchez
David Sanchez 3 months ago
Yoo no homo I like your curls but I watch your tiktoks to and my cash app is @trenchkidd12
Woo Woo
Woo Woo 3 months ago
when u live in houston *crying*
Kk gg
Kk gg 3 months ago
Such a sweet idea !
Arianna Griffin
Arianna Griffin 3 months ago
Done lol
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 3 months ago
TYSM for coming
Emma Ramirez
Emma Ramirez 3 months ago
$xxemxa ❤️ happy holidays
JAE Vlogs
JAE Vlogs 3 months ago
Anthony! Get back in your zoom class!
Ziranna Morris
Ziranna Morris 3 months ago
Titanci boy
Titanci boy 3 months ago
Vivian Pena
Vivian Pena 3 months ago
$vivianpena3 I LOVE YALL ♥️
Yb Añthøny
Yb Añthøny 3 months ago
I didn't get anything 🥺😞
Zachary Puentes
Zachary Puentes 3 months ago
I love your videos and you two are the cutest couple
Allissa Sier
Allissa Sier 3 months ago
I love your videos the pranks you guys do and the love you too have for each other. Btw I love both of y’all’s tik toks Cash app $Allissasier
Juan Noguez
Juan Noguez 3 months ago
alissa colon
alissa colon 3 months ago
i love you guys sm! $alissamarie226
Alexis Gaytan
Alexis Gaytan 3 months ago
This is amazing!!!!! $algx22a
Shaleya hammond
Shaleya hammond 3 months ago
sophia saucedo
sophia saucedo 3 months ago
I dont know if im late 🥺 but $sophiasaucedo34 love yall guysssss 🤍🤍
Ana 3 months ago
New subscriber here !! Loved this video! Cant wait to catch up to the rest lol. Happy holidays! $anacmar
Michelle Oliver
Michelle Oliver 3 months ago
Riley Grace5
Riley Grace5 3 months ago
Naomi Dennison
Naomi Dennison 3 months ago
Thank you for doing what y’all did❣️ but to me seem like y’all did it with attitude 😒 I’m not hating It’s just my opinion...but next y’all should do the people that actually are In need .. like homeless 😊 I love y’all’s video keep doing you ❤️
Marisela Flores
Marisela Flores 3 months ago
You guys are the sweetest.💕 The fact that you took time out of your day to gift people especially during these hard times is just amazing 👏 I saw the video you also did for the Starbucks workers 😊 $mareesela
El Puto
El Puto 3 months ago
"can i take a photo with you " anthony sister " yEaAa"
fatima g
fatima g 2 months ago
@Shafara 8:08
C G 3 months ago
she sounded so mean😭
Tana Johnson
Tana Johnson 3 months ago
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez 3 months ago
i love your christmas spiritttt🎄 $anar231
Life of A & J
Life of A & J 3 months ago
Giving back is the best feeling in the world. Knowing you made a change in someone’s day or life , can make such an impact and it shows that our society it’s all bad. This time of year has been rough for a lot of people including me, but it’s such a good feeling to know there are genuine people like you both to do stuff like this for people. This is so inspiring and I hope that there are more people you can do the same. Like Anthony said, you never know what anyone is going through in life, spiritually, mentally, physically, or emotionally. It’s Alzays great to just put a smile on someone’s face. God bless 🙏❤️ $Jazlynk15