ANSWERING JUICY QUESTIONS! *exposing ourselves* 

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YALL asked , We answered.... I can't believe ya''ll asked those questions..


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Dec 10, 2020




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Gemma Webb
Gemma Webb 3 days ago
I love you guys xx🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍😘😘
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez 2 months ago
When they said get youre snack i paused it and went to go get a snack 🤣🤣🤤🤤
LockedByUnique 2 months ago
Rachel Resendiz
Rachel Resendiz 3 months ago
Oh she is meeee eating my bfs food 😂 3:03
kayla kruse
kayla kruse 3 months ago
wait i love your guys intro👀
Melanie and Emily!
Melanie and Emily! 3 months ago
Cheyenne Spencer
Cheyenne Spencer 3 months ago
Sade Brown
Sade Brown 3 months ago
Ok thank you so much for your prayers for your birthday wishes you can come to my family
KELLY BARBOZA 3 months ago
Anthony you’re in trouble!!!!
Jeanetta McNealy
Jeanetta McNealy 3 months ago
He really said ima smooth dude
Lidia Lodoza
Lidia Lodoza 3 months ago
who knew that she was prego on that day but she didn't know cuz she found out 2 days later
Crisna Salas
Crisna Salas 3 months ago
i love you bella
Crisna Salas
Crisna Salas 3 months ago
hi im mayleen and i love you guys
Khrystyna Iurkevych
Khrystyna Iurkevych 3 months ago
you guys >>>>>>> ace family
lizey bug
lizey bug 3 months ago
“waiting for marriage” well that was a *lie*
Reyes Navarro
Reyes Navarro 3 months ago
R u Mexican
leslie vitela
leslie vitela 3 months ago
The fact she did not answer the last question
Julia Gutierrez
Julia Gutierrez 3 months ago
“ YALL asked , We answered.... “ ! y’all didn’t even answered all of them and y’all are just scared to say that shit or what ?
Nina The Killer
Nina The Killer 3 months ago
Is he from Puerto Rico cuz his hoodie says puerto rico
Julian nuñez
Julian nuñez 3 months ago
This comment is for those without dads........damn it's always the latino dads that runoff
maria florton
maria florton 3 months ago
maria florton
maria florton 3 months ago
Things got juicy when Bella got serious af
vania mendoza
vania mendoza 3 months ago
me just eating Sopa de maruchan
Alenis Martinez
Alenis Martinez 3 months ago
Are You prego
Melissa Aleman Cruz
Melissa Aleman Cruz 3 months ago
Now she’s pregnant
kimberly aispuro
kimberly aispuro 3 months ago
Who’s here after they announced that they are pregnant 🥺
Nina The Killer
Nina The Killer 3 months ago
Me I'm so happy tho Like ahhhhh finally
Kaiso Hero
Kaiso Hero 3 months ago
Yes she is
Natalie Chavez
Natalie Chavez 3 months ago
There having a baby now baby Vargas 🥺🥺
Breanna Macias
Breanna Macias 3 months ago
"waiting for marriage" 😂😂😂😂
Makenzie Zimmardi
Makenzie Zimmardi 3 months ago
Yes Bella is pregnant
Marlina Flores
Marlina Flores 3 months ago
Plz Do a come with us to the hostess plz
Ashamoy Hamilton
Ashamoy Hamilton 3 months ago
I do not have a car
Frida Frik
Frida Frik 3 months ago
They have been saying they virgin how bella pregnent then?
Zaziana Grimes
Zaziana Grimes 3 months ago
Well I guess we know the answer to the pregnant question now
Hayley Delong
Hayley Delong 3 months ago
I swear anthony couldn’t b any sweeter
GAMER 53 3 months ago
Regardless of your body count😂
Snipegod 08
Snipegod 08 3 months ago
Who’s here after Bella announced she is pregnant Yo thank you for all the likes
Frida Frik
Frida Frik 3 months ago
Bryanna Trujillo
Bryanna Trujillo 3 months ago
Knew that when she laughed when they asked if she was pregnant, she already knew and was just hiding it 👀👀 lol. Still so happy for youuu!
Isabella Hernandez
Isabella Hernandez 3 months ago
Me watching this and the question is Bella pregnant and u just found out she is 😭😭😂
TemperBoys 3 months ago
She lied saying she not prego but we know now
Kimmy Baldivia
Kimmy Baldivia 3 months ago
What’s a fans only?💀
Kasey Del orbe
Kasey Del orbe 3 months ago
Go see their recent video of january 1, she pregant
angel mmmzz
angel mmmzz 3 months ago
When is the baby coming well in like 9 months sense im watching this after Bella got pregnant lol
Leslie Romero
Leslie Romero 3 months ago
Who is here after they announced their pregnancy??
Emily Gutierrez
Emily Gutierrez 3 months ago
Alizay Archuleta
Alizay Archuleta 3 months ago
Miqueilys Bernard
Miqueilys Bernard 3 months ago
Meeeee it sad
Shae Volgs
Shae Volgs 3 months ago
Shae Volgs
Shae Volgs 3 months ago
Valerie Marie
Valerie Marie 3 months ago
Well now we know why she didn’t answer if she was pregnant lol. But ahhh congratulations y’all are going to be amazing parents I wish y’all nothing but the best. Y’all are my fav USlift couple ever 🥺❤️
Dei 3 months ago
❤❤❤❤❤❤the intro is always my favorite part
Emily Dawson
Emily Dawson 3 months ago
We already know Anthony got a lecture bout the 3 way and stuff after the video
Phoebe Khae
Phoebe Khae 3 months ago
Eyyy Anthony I dont wanna be positive ok? Because CORONA VIRUSSSSSSS😂
bella cardoza
bella cardoza 3 months ago
bella is such a jealous girl like damn
snv._kxng 214
snv._kxng 214 3 months ago
I want curls like you my curls are like not good
snv._kxng 214
snv._kxng 214 3 months ago
I need tips on curls and a routine🥺
babygo4it 3 months ago
Not to be rude but why don't u answer your last question
kayleigh alyse
kayleigh alyse 3 months ago
cuz she is pregnant
Osvaldo Deleon
Osvaldo Deleon 3 months ago
Why does everyone blame it on the alcohol.. I was drunk, I blacked out, I do not remember, she came on to me, he came on to me, etc. I call bull $!@+..... you (girl/guy) want some so you get the person you see, when alone. PERIOD!!!! GOOD DAY!!
Janise Dennis
Janise Dennis 3 months ago
She avoided the question of are you pregnant
Armazian Arthur
Armazian Arthur 3 months ago
Jessica Valenzuela
Jessica Valenzuela 4 months ago
Cannot date a man who had a 3 way 🤮🤮ugh
Jariely Diaz
Jariely Diaz 4 months ago
Yellymar Amaro
Yellymar Amaro 4 months ago
This is juicy but kinda hard
Jayblessroy Taula
Jayblessroy Taula 4 months ago
Bella was looking at him when he said his body count is 8😭😂
Jayblessroy Taula
Jayblessroy Taula 4 months ago
What song do u guys use for ur introduction?
Kayleigh Garcia
Kayleigh Garcia 4 months ago
Bella’s like stfu Anthony you don’t tell me anything
Kayleigh Garcia
Kayleigh Garcia 4 months ago
The first kiss real smooth Anthony real smooth 😏
Huizar Chris
Huizar Chris 4 months ago
Lexi watching: 👁👄👁
ᴠ ᴇ ᴀ ᴢ ɪ x
Baddie Kay
Baddie Kay 4 months ago
Wait for the last question is she ????
xXiisimplyleahXx 4 months ago
😐 3some? 😳
Ashlynn Escobar
Ashlynn Escobar 4 months ago
I have turn on post notifications.!! I love you guys!!
Angela Pereida
Angela Pereida 4 months ago
Don’t worry I don’t have a dad either
Camaira Mitchell
Camaira Mitchell 4 months ago
They no they do it before marriage
Benny lopez
Benny lopez 4 months ago
Merry Christmas locos
trickraes youtube!
trickraes youtube! 4 months ago
they do know the first one wasnt about christmas right? HAHA
Rita Silva
Rita Silva 4 months ago
Lol I was eating popcorn and drinking a juice when she said to get your drinks and popcorn lol
Queen lia
Queen lia 4 months ago
The fact that I actually went to go get some food🤣💕💕.
kamarra gunby
kamarra gunby 4 months ago
I know right
Fernando Xochimilco
Fernando Xochimilco 4 months ago
Anthony was smooth with the lady😏
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez 4 months ago
Not me eating tamales watching this😭
Kayle Mcclung
Kayle Mcclung 4 months ago
Found you guys on TikTok and been a fan ever since, y’all are so funny and love watching you guys
Preston Condon
Preston Condon 4 months ago
That was a good video love you guys and says seff and have a good day
Rilz 4 months ago
You guys didn’t tell us the answer for the last question
Joselyne Jimenez
Joselyne Jimenez 4 months ago
I love them 😂💗
Ki Beauty
Ki Beauty 4 months ago
LOVE Y’all !!!!❤️❤️😭soo much
Jessica Aguilar
Jessica Aguilar 4 months ago
vandam 4 months ago
Regardless of your body count 🤣😂😂
Breana Ayala
Breana Ayala 4 months ago
Bella gets to pressed easy no hate
Dayana Zavala
Dayana Zavala 4 months ago
Bellas Instagram she’s been lowkey wearing big shirts 😳 baby A&B comming? 🥳
Lacey Poague
Lacey Poague 4 months ago
yo there hiding something because they paused the video to talk about something when they ask are you pregnant
Amanda Ritter
Amanda Ritter 4 months ago
bella you can't even get mad over shit that happen in the past before your guys time stop.
Itz._.Jayy 4 months ago
but is she pregnant-
CR7 9011
CR7 9011 4 months ago
Anthony were u born with curly hair if u weren't born with curly hair can u give us a tutorial
Tiffany Parks
Tiffany Parks 4 months ago
VD_ ML5919
VD_ ML5919 4 months ago
1 baby for 1 million subscribers , 2 baby for 2 million subscribers 🙈
jayla cruz
jayla cruz 4 months ago
Bella’s face when he said he did and he went down to get food she new she wanted to smush is face in his food she look rlly mad lol love y’all so much pls drop merch I will buy it
Tonza Eastman
Tonza Eastman 4 months ago
Maybe she is bcs if she wasn't she would have said so
wondering tea
wondering tea 4 months ago
What was this video😭 do I need to do some FBI shit? I have more questions then I had watching this video
Vscogirlie 4 months ago
Srsly you just gonna leave us hanging like dat😭
Valerie Valdez
Valerie Valdez 4 months ago
‘ but the other way receiving ‘ 😂
Emmanuel Alcaraz
Emmanuel Alcaraz 4 months ago
Anthony says stay positive get positive results Me thinking:positive person means test positive for corna 😂😂
Marisela Reyes
Marisela Reyes 4 months ago
When you getting marry
Marisela Reyes
Marisela Reyes 4 months ago
Marisela Reyes
Marisela Reyes 4 months ago
I love your video
Alex Castellanos
Alex Castellanos 4 months ago
🎄🎅🧑‍🎄🤶🇨🇽 Christmas
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