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IM really sorry for doing this.....


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Dec 14, 2020




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A&B Things
A&B Things 4 months ago
Subscribe & Turn On Post notifications!! ❤️ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
Official Taylor
Official Taylor 16 days ago
Love you to a and b things
Txddy_ Ki
Txddy_ Ki 17 days ago
Just watching ya’ll makes me wanna be in a relationship like damn 😭
toko Nasilai
toko Nasilai 20 days ago
She keeper🤞🏾💙
Martina Mendoza
Martina Mendoza Month ago
I love you guys no matter what I watch every one of your videos
Deliciann Balkarran
Deliciann Balkarran 2 months ago
You guys are so cute 😚😚😚
leyla aviles
leyla aviles 5 hours ago
when he was hugging her after he said all that she was so confused like what
Shambe lovely
Shambe lovely 6 hours ago
Waw she's so lovely girl for really 😍💕💖
Cxx Richboi
Cxx Richboi 21 hour ago
Dis video has 975k views and 965k subscribes and 2.7k comments wtf
Aysia Dennis
Aysia Dennis 22 hours ago
This literally mad me cry 😢
Isaiah White
Isaiah White Day ago
When she loooked at the camera tho😂
allison contreras
"you can go to your moms house and when you feel better you can come back"that just broke my heart to hear it was so saddd
ICxmp LF
ICxmp LF Day ago
If a girl doesn’t cry over you or try to fight for you she’s not the one for you
Ryan_Be_Dyin Day ago
I love your videos
mono Day ago
At the end he got instant karma LOL
Yusüke Sembrana
Yusüke Sembrana 2 days ago
Nice video haha !! whats your gf height ?
Titus Norris
Titus Norris 2 days ago
i almostrd cried watching this 😭😭😭
Haka-san Curley
Haka-san Curley 3 days ago
awwwww shes cute when she crys
Lenore Smith
Lenore Smith 3 days ago
9:43 💀that stare though 😂😂😂
Clara Martinau
Clara Martinau 4 days ago
« I can change what you don’t like » Fucking cute
Laura Calderon
Laura Calderon 4 days ago
My heart! Never do that again! I felt her pain.
Jackie King
Jackie King 4 days ago
Mixed Fun
Mixed Fun 5 days ago
Video starts at 4:00
Lu Caicedo
Lu Caicedo 5 days ago
This is fucked up.
Triny Flores
Triny Flores 5 days ago
Triny Flores
Triny Flores 5 days ago
But the fact that he said “are gonna help me put this stuff away”? And she said no😂😂😂😂
Triny Flores
Triny Flores 5 days ago
Triny Flores
Triny Flores 5 days ago
When he does these pranks it makes me so sad! Just watching there videos and seeing how far they have came and they are a perfect couple! They are so adorable
iiMyaii 5 days ago
When she started crying I was crying without her bro,Do t do that EVER AGAIN
Elizabeth leach
Elizabeth leach 6 days ago
A&B things Then what about C??
nyssa m
nyssa m 6 days ago
my heart hurt when Bella started crying.
Lyndon Matthews
Lyndon Matthews 7 days ago
Brooooo why did I start tearing up 🤣🤣
u really have got diamond dont ever loose it
Its Mikaa
Its Mikaa 7 days ago
I can’t do this prank lol cause I don’t have time to take the clothes out then put them back🤣
Pablo 8 days ago
Exactly why I tell dudes don't ever tell girls you love them until marriage, cause those words mean so much to girls and if the relationship fails it will be more heartbreaking for them, cause they remember each time it was said. Just facts
Burwell kay2
Burwell kay2 8 days ago
Bro just kneels down and he was almost the same size as her🧘‍♂️
Quintin Hatchett
Quintin Hatchett 8 days ago
I’m sorry but the wat age cried made me smirk sorry...... 😏
marishka chomakhashvili
Mark Tansley
Mark Tansley 9 days ago
how tall is bella?
Arnav 9 days ago
Why do I think that it's a fake🙄🙄
Dummy Account
Dummy Account 9 days ago
Out of all the similar pranks on YT let me tell you...6:42 when she says.....'Well why'....that was very emotional and that brought manky tears to my eyes. Never imagined that America has so many genuine girls. She's such a darling. God bless her abundantly.
Darne Lee.Masil
Darne Lee.Masil 9 days ago
Great guy.
Joclynne Swonger
Joclynne Swonger 9 days ago
"you do love me.." aww
Maria Viramontes
Maria Viramontes 10 days ago
Anita Camposano
Anita Camposano 10 days ago
Her crying makes me sad 🥺🥺
Esme’s Ethereal Energy
Jasmine McDonald
Jasmine McDonald 11 days ago
Jacobi Cooper
Jacobi Cooper 11 days ago
✍️ 📝 I am leaving you to another woman
Jacobi Cooper
Jacobi Cooper 11 days ago
GameChat 11 days ago
priya singh
priya singh 12 days ago
my girlfriend is the same as her she loves me but she is just my imagination lol
Hazel Glazed
Hazel Glazed 12 days ago
Love u guys You guys are my favorite USliftrs and I’m only 10 years old 🤗
Ishrak Tymus
Ishrak Tymus 13 days ago
Am i the only one who thinks its weird because he keeps calling her "dude". Is that a guy?
Brandon Lethers
Brandon Lethers 13 days ago
6:57 things are about to get crazy 😂
Kendall Price
Kendall Price 14 days ago
I need to find a girl I’m so lonley
M & D
M & D 14 days ago
What’s your guys zodiac sign
Topmantim212 14 days ago
No matter what I do my girl will always come back to wanna know why because she in my imagination
sheeesh kid
sheeesh kid 14 days ago
the sheeeeesh man cant take this man :/
Freddie G
Freddie G 14 days ago
You don’t deserve her love.
Alekzzz 15 days ago
advice: I got smacked 20 times, just don’t do it don’t.
Kaylee Herring
Kaylee Herring 15 days ago
bella is a real women the fact that she is willing to change her self to be with him if he breaks her heart im gon cry they have real love and the fact that anthony has to put those clothes back
Ian Osman
Ian Osman 15 days ago
Ur the best honestly ...gif bless
Bry Bry
Bry Bry 15 days ago
Ik is a prank but I felt bad for her. Don’t ever leave her bro
BrownskinLai 15 days ago
1:43 Anthony cheating on Bella with the play button😔
Huncho CODM
Huncho CODM 16 days ago
One day
Joker 16 days ago
Dino Kali
Dino Kali 16 days ago
This made me cry🥺
JJBanks1975 17 days ago
I want a woman who loves like this
Melchor apalin Mesa
My favorite vloger is you and bella
Rocket-lvl remixes
Rocket-lvl remixes 20 days ago
I feel like this would be a real scenario
Simply_sunflower Roblox
“You can leave and come back when your ready” she is so sweet!❤️
og_stormgamin 0
og_stormgamin 0 20 days ago
Anthony be cute asf no cap
suckafied 20 days ago
That hand slap lmao!
Saphera Davis
Saphera Davis 20 days ago
Oh my gosh this broke my heart
Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae 21 day ago
I love y'all relationship it,s so cute when y'all are cuddling it,s so cute
*drops mic*
*drops mic* 21 day ago
Done !! Post notifications are on you two are so cute ❤️❤️❤️
allelgab D
allelgab D 21 day ago
imagine fans saw u with other guy!!!
Albert Palacios
Albert Palacios 21 day ago
Me feeling bad for her amd getting sad😕
SIRROMON Mandi 22 days ago
Man this is so bad i can never make my gf cry for content......oh wait i am single.
Turnt_ ghost
Turnt_ ghost 22 days ago
This is fucked up if it's real😬
kayla contreras
kayla contreras 22 days ago
I was start cry
obbyboyme - Gaming
obbyboyme - Gaming 22 days ago
you sound like fe4rless
Dark Editzz
Dark Editzz 23 days ago
😂😂😂🤣😂 bru
Nikhil 23 days ago
Ohh ma guu truuu lob
Sangita Lokhande
Sangita Lokhande 25 days ago
Girl : "I love you" Boy : " you gonna help me put these stuff away ?" Girl: No,YoU !!!
Naqib Ahmed
Naqib Ahmed 25 days ago
The way she looked at the camera in the end and her exit proved she was in on it..damn she can fake it ..nearly had me fooled it was a real prank
Sergio Osório
Sergio Osório 25 days ago
Almost got me, LOL! I was raised by my 2 older sisters and I know fake crying, more than most people. LOL!!!!!
Aizeah Alegado
Aizeah Alegado 25 days ago
This reminds me when i got hit by my mom when i got bad grades then she tried to take my ps4
jhon Maître
jhon Maître 25 days ago
I hope that the gf I'll have will be like bella .
Raj Yadav
Raj Yadav 26 days ago
She loves you more than anything dude ❤️
Yuan Campbell
Yuan Campbell 26 days ago
asds johs lol so fake addens
Naruto Dattebayo
Naruto Dattebayo 27 days ago
Cant tell if this is legit or BS
SJ GaMeRs TAMIL 27 days ago
That's love
umu.fowzia channel afgjjc
Bro yr LUCKY
Lou Ferrari
Lou Ferrari 28 days ago
That’s what she gets for dating a man with chia pet hair
CallMeBlack •
CallMeBlack • 28 days ago
Now that’s a real women right there, she love dude so much...where can I find mr a women like this
Lemon Squad
Lemon Squad 29 days ago
The way that she looked at the camera when she noticed it. LOL “I can fix what you don’t like and we can work this out”. 😭🥺🤍 That broke my heart That broke my
14kRyn 29 days ago
im not even gon watch the vid yet but ima go ahead and put my comment bc WHY NOT ROOKIES.. anyway my comment is down below. judging from the thumbnail she a gold digger why u beggin nah jk but i fr think thats a gold digger prob. another comment but edited wooohoo. anyway after watching the vid i think she gud she a gud wife lowkey
purp dist
purp dist Month ago
She is such a sweet genuine girl
Ricardo brown
Ricardo brown Month ago
Where can I find a girl like her??????????????????????
Nitesh Agarwal
Nitesh Agarwal Month ago
She is really a nice person and loves him a lot...
YSN Pop Month ago
Bro she a keeper fr doe
Ruma B. Sookun
Ruma B. Sookun Month ago
I was crying too that was sad
Soumyak Mitra
Soumyak Mitra Month ago
Damn bro!!!! She's so good..... May God bless every man such a life partner....
Ashana George
Ashana George Month ago
Rip anthonys hat when his sis threw away his hat in the video they made