Surprising MY Lil Brother With His Dream Car ! *Emotional* 

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Mar 24, 2021




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Arianna Hernandez
Arianna Hernandez 27 days ago
I can’t wait til baby vargas is here 😩😩
Xamaiapplepie Thomas
Me when I was trying to make a USlift video
Katelynn Peacock
Katelynn Peacock 21 day ago
How old is his younger brother
Emma Long
Emma Long 22 days ago
stupid kids content
Karely Cortes
Karely Cortes 26 days ago
LinaLiahna Bates
LinaLiahna Bates 26 days ago
I’m so excited too!!!
Stevee cotton
Stevee cotton 5 days ago
Can't wait tell yo lil handsome is here🥰
D M 7 days ago
I really want to be friends with Anthony’s sisters she seems hella cool 😭
Jacqueline Santos
Jacqueline Santos 10 days ago
Surprise sick bring in your car when you car
Kailah Ellison
Kailah Ellison 10 days ago
I feel so bad for him when y’all showed the old car:(((..
Kaylenn Canterbury
Kaylenn Canterbury 12 days ago
Selena Chavez
Selena Chavez 13 days ago
Hay love you Gais
Luciano InzuaGasca
Luciano InzuaGasca 13 days ago
How much times he gonna say “bro” 😂
PxrsianXo 14 days ago
This is goals🙏🏼 I surprised my mum with a brand new car on my channel too, making others happy is truly a blessing
Emely garcia
Emely garcia 16 days ago
CEO of bro😂
Elizabeth Lazarz
Elizabeth Lazarz 18 days ago
TTK- Pumpz
TTK- Pumpz 18 days ago
bro bro bro
Demian Ramirez
Demian Ramirez 18 days ago
God bro shit bro thx bro ily bro damm bro good bro
Rose Bud
Rose Bud 19 days ago
He's really touched he's nearly crying
Rose Bud
Rose Bud 19 days ago
Awe man amazing people
Rose Bud
Rose Bud 19 days ago
What about you guys needing a new car or baby stuff lol
Rose Bud
Rose Bud 19 days ago
You shlda brought car for your parent lol
KARLA saltos
KARLA saltos 19 days ago
Romina Aguilar
Romina Aguilar 19 days ago
Literally didn’t find someone who likes Audi bec that’s my dream car to😂😍 they clean tho😍
Tammy Delores
Tammy Delores 19 days ago
Whats the intro songs name??
Rashina Richards
Rashina Richards 19 days ago
The next day from this video was my mom's birthday and the 19th was mine so comment and wish me happy birthday and my mom. And I can't want till baby vargas is here
The Embestma
The Embestma 20 days ago
No hate or anything just my opinion I liked ur old intro
Arnela Samuel
Arnela Samuel 20 days ago
They havent posted in a while🥺💕hope yall are ok especially the baby😁😁😁😁❤
Ruby Malta
Ruby Malta 20 days ago
I coment subscribed and liked
Rosalinda Hernandez
He said bro more than ten times
Jayla yur
Jayla yur 20 days ago
what is the intro song???
Drk-mist -_-
Drk-mist -_- 21 day ago
How much times did he say bro 😂
Adan Arellano
Adan Arellano 21 day ago
Hope y’all hit 1 mill soon 😩
Keanna Tsosie
Keanna Tsosie 21 day ago
Does Bella siblings?? Bc all I see is Anthony’s siblings
Lolly Corona
Lolly Corona 21 day ago
Anthony is such a great brother 🥺
Hazel Awungshi
Hazel Awungshi 21 day ago
Snow 21 day ago
Bro count 150*
Juan Panduro
Juan Panduro 22 days ago
He kept saying bro lol haha but I'm super exited for baby vargas to be here in this world and I have him in all my prayers and i love all of u guys! Pls can I get a shoutout i have watched them since there first video!
carley wood
carley wood 22 days ago
How many time did he say "bro"😂
Sofia Ayala
Sofia Ayala 22 days ago
Yariana Camilo
Yariana Camilo 22 days ago
Everyone watch there adds to help them with baby Vargas🥺
El_compa _jr
El_compa _jr 22 days ago
All I here it bro bro BRO lol
Life of Jenyse
Life of Jenyse 22 days ago
Nothing bad but why ur sister get a old car and ur brother with a new one ?
Alexa Rodriguez
Alexa Rodriguez 22 days ago
There is a video he posted 5 months ago where he gave her a car
Alexa Rodriguez
Alexa Rodriguez 22 days ago
He gave her a car too lol
trishauna Thomas
trishauna Thomas 22 days ago
Eric monroe
Eric monroe 23 days ago
not me thinking my house alarm went off LOL 4:13
Alishbah Arif
Alishbah Arif 23 days ago
I subscribed lol 😂 Where is my cookie?!
Skylar Marie
Skylar Marie 23 days ago
Can't wait for baby vargas he's gonna be so adorable 🥺💞
Mango Play Music
Mango Play Music 23 days ago
Ily, I can't wait for baby Vargas to arrive; he'll be with the best parents, and he'll be so cute!
Deep Music
Deep Music 23 days ago
Who's been here since the beginning???
Best Twitch Moments
Who's Been here since day 1???😌😌❤🥺
Kayda-marie Khanhai
prov:you have been here since day one and cant wait for baby vargas🥺
Amo Sebona
Amo Sebona 23 days ago
"It gets me from point A to B" get it😉
Mary Sengchanh
Mary Sengchanh 23 days ago
How many times did he say bro
Arwa Aliasger
Arwa Aliasger 23 days ago
The amount of times junior said "bro"
LIFE OF K&L 23 days ago
Count how many times he says bro😂
John Wallas
John Wallas 23 days ago
Jake is sad how many of them guys you payed
John Wallas
John Wallas 23 days ago
I don’t think much of people who take from others to to survive . Stay away from my people . I know
Olivia Brambila
Olivia Brambila 23 days ago
Anthony has literally gotten both his brother AND sister a car. Like daaannnggg he is a great brother😁
Jovita Diaz
Jovita Diaz 23 days ago
hi l love you r video and l love your familly
Mango Play Music
Mango Play Music 24 days ago
This is where you can get your "early ticket"!!
Deep Music
Deep Music 24 days ago
Best Twitch Moments
Ily so much I can’t wait until baby Vargas to come he’s going to be with the best parents,he’s going to be so cute!
F8TE JJBOII’s Vlogs & Podcasts
he says bri so much😂😂
Mango Play Music
Mango Play Music 24 days ago
I admire how thankful his brother was for the other vehicle.
Deep Music
Deep Music 24 days ago
I'd be wealthy if I had a dollar for every time Manuel said "bro."
Best Twitch Moments
Ily so much I can’t wait until baby Vargas to come he’s going to be with the best parents,he’s going to be so cute!
zoe lim
zoe lim 24 days ago
I cant whit to see baby Vargas omg im crying
Luigi-ann Eliana
Luigi-ann Eliana 24 days ago
I cant wait to see de baby😟😍
Susie Longoria
Susie Longoria 24 days ago
I love watching y’all so much
Lizz Martinez
Lizz Martinez 24 days ago
What the song called from your channel
A&B Things
A&B Things 22 days ago
Adore U by curlybam
Alberto Cisneros
Alberto Cisneros 24 days ago
I learned this the hard way but instead of drinking cold water drink hot water but not that hot it’s gonna hurt but the spice is gonna go away instantly
Luna.Simran Lovegood
When r they gonna get married???
Areli Garcia
Areli Garcia 25 days ago
I wish I had a brother 🥺🥺
hi am Owen
hi am Owen 25 days ago
Yo do a prank on your little brother that Bella Fall down the stairs and you were not there to if he will help
Best Twitch Moments
Y’all are the most caring people I can’t wait for y’all to be parents!
Dulce Jaimes
Dulce Jaimes 25 days ago
It's so funny 😂 that he kept sayin "bro" btw am a really big fan I can't wait til baby vagas is here byeeeeee
Mango Play Music
Mango Play Music 25 days ago
Who is a fan of a&b?
Deep Music
Deep Music 25 days ago
You're the kindest people I've ever met.
Best Twitch Moments
Claim your “early ticket” here!!
VizeTube 25 days ago
ceo of bro
Duhh_its_Angie Gutierrez
If u do get me a teal impala
Khalya Watts
Khalya Watts 25 days ago
I love y’all so much 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Deana Zelaya
Deana Zelaya 25 days ago
Y’all got pure blessings coming your way
Devi Singh
Devi Singh 25 days ago
if I had one dollar every time Manuel said “bro” I would be rich
Abigail Settles
Abigail Settles 25 days ago
With the mom car
Abigail Settles
Abigail Settles 25 days ago
Lmao he seemed so happy
Abigail Settles
Abigail Settles 25 days ago
I made it to 7.7k likes !!
Isabel Rodriguez
Isabel Rodriguez 25 days ago
k a y l a
k a y l a 25 days ago
Idk why I’m just now asking this , but what’s the song called in the intro cause I sing it everytime and I love it 💕 smb please tell me 😭.
Celeste Romero
Celeste Romero 25 days ago
Anything is such a father figure to his siblings 😭 Bella is so humble for being onboard with them doing so much for his siblings love you guys !!!
YA_BOY BRYANN69 25 days ago
Baby vargasss
Baddest_trix _since_trina
Why they’re brother so damn Finneee
Daniella Mosqueda
Daniella Mosqueda 25 days ago
Atrin Refilong
Atrin Refilong 25 days ago
Baby daddy
Atrin Refilong
Atrin Refilong 25 days ago
Carraya Townsel
Carraya Townsel 25 days ago
I am new
Melanie Barron
Melanie Barron 25 days ago
Nicola Smith
Nicola Smith 25 days ago
This is how many times he said "bro"🤣🤣 👇
Ana_ Jyzelle
Ana_ Jyzelle 25 days ago
Ur a good brother
Lucia Vasquez
Lucia Vasquez 25 days ago
God bless you guys stay safe out there
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger 26 days ago
Bro love your brother and stop talking about him like that. Bet his not like he is saying
kayley castaneda
kayley castaneda 26 days ago
i remember when they had 100k
James Valencia
James Valencia 26 days ago
No disrespect to anyone but the amount of times Manuel said nah bro ur capping bro x50😂
k_kid_faze -boss_kid_k
Mango Play Music
Mango Play Music 26 days ago
Ily, I can't wait for baby Vargas to arrive; he'll be with the best parents, and he'll be so cute!