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Mar 15, 2021




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Emily Nazario
Emily Nazario 23 hours ago
Eating badly can cause the baby to be born with diabetes or other diseases
Emily Nazario
Emily Nazario 23 hours ago
You need to eat healthier so that your baby can grow faster and healthier
J&N Vlogs
J&N Vlogs 2 days ago
What r u going to name him???
its Ashley online
larray that chu???
baby.face.hayhay 9 days ago
baby.face.hayhay 9 days ago
I smash my sisters plate on accident are you of me is that family 🤣🤣
ALLYSON AVILA 10 days ago
You should go to khols there is cute things there
Daniela Covarrubias Forever
When Bella said we are so attached to him I heard someone take a picture....😟😟😟
Vee M
Vee M 11 days ago
I wanna be your best friend
Ruqayyah Daley
Ruqayyah Daley 12 days ago
I mes wid my brother all the time
Cecilia Montoya-Gutierrez
the baby vargas look like bella a LOT
Roxy Kelly
Roxy Kelly 12 days ago
Britney Boodnuth
Britney Boodnuth 13 days ago
I'm so proud of you I like your USlift channel I like you one most
Samantha Valadez
Samantha Valadez 14 days ago
She so pretty ❤️
Cesar Pecina
Cesar Pecina 14 days ago
I though baby Vargas looked just like anthony👍😂...also, when Anthony was like he has ten toes and ten fingers, I was shook because I though we were only supposed to have like 6 or something😂🙃😂😂
Haylee Sons
Haylee Sons 16 days ago
Who else didn't know what was going on and started crying cause you thought they lost it
Jordan Franklin
Jordan Franklin 16 days ago
Why does your brother live with you
Pattrcia Macyona
Pattrcia Macyona 17 days ago
6 monthes baby vargas is born🥺💕
hi 17 days ago
i hit the bell, done
Shaunequa King
Shaunequa King 18 days ago
you're going to get throw this
Katie May
Katie May 18 days ago
Rose Bud
Rose Bud 19 days ago
Breakfast n bed?
Rose Bud
Rose Bud 19 days ago
Need to get married sex out side of marriage is dangerous for your soul
Jacelyn Dykes
Jacelyn Dykes 19 days ago
I am praying for y'all and the baby💕
Amelia Pannone
Amelia Pannone 20 days ago
uh uh! Y'all scared me half to death! XD
Tina Owens
Tina Owens 20 days ago
This is amazing 😻
Dasha Hernandez
Dasha Hernandez 20 days ago
She’s just gonna have to pray for God I’m gonna pray for God for you guys and for your baby to be born good and to be healthy a lot so yeah
Jay Kings
Jay Kings 20 days ago
Kimberly Aviles
Kimberly Aviles 20 days ago
U won’t really know who the baby will actually look like until week like 32-34 is the best time to see their chubiness.
Kaydean Willis
Kaydean Willis 21 day ago
Samuel Cobian
Samuel Cobian 21 day ago
I tought he died
amani forsythe
amani forsythe 22 days ago
Monica Guerrero
Monica Guerrero 22 days ago
You guys are so cute
Emily Perinho
Emily Perinho 22 days ago
Hi guys I love u guys and done and I hope ur baby’s ok❤️❤️💞
Bri Levine
Bri Levine 23 days ago
Xx ButterPeak xX
Xx ButterPeak xX 23 days ago
Y’all scared me
xXcloxdydxysXx 23 days ago
God bless your family!Keep going..💖
Brittany Rock
Brittany Rock 23 days ago
Kk baby’s and kk Game
Priciliano Guerrero
I did every thing btw
Priciliano Guerrero
How mich more months till the baby is here
Aquavibezz 25 days ago
My mom got me those zip up things too when I was younger just Be careful cause my mom zipped up my Peter
Desiree Gonzales
Desiree Gonzales 25 days ago
love you 3 an done
Piper Stewart
Piper Stewart 25 days ago
I know this is a week late but I am so thankful your baby is okay I love all of y’all and I’m like one of your biggest fans
Zaza 25 days ago
I thought he died o my f### god I a and b thing and ab things
Laylah Zavala
Laylah Zavala 25 days ago
I have four sisters and there cute and that is how-your baby is going to be
Marley Newsom
Marley Newsom 26 days ago
•Lovely_dove• 26 days ago
Wait the thumbnail kinda be looking like larray 😂😂
Ityourgirlalia Hey bestiea
You guys probly won't see this but I was hoping you guys do. But umm when is the baby going to be born
Caitlin Jones
Caitlin Jones 26 days ago
I’m so happy for you and Anthony I love you guys
Sara Pera
Sara Pera 26 days ago
Buy a baby Doppler
Miracle Fuentes
Miracle Fuentes 26 days ago
Yasmin Villanueva
Yasmin Villanueva 26 days ago
She keeps saying him what if it a clueeee😅
Bethany Suarez
Bethany Suarez 26 days ago
Holga ortiz
Holga ortiz 27 days ago
I think it looks like the dad
Isaiah Persinger
Isaiah Persinger 27 days ago
You intro go hard and y’all are so cute
Kristiana Boodhoo
Kristiana Boodhoo 27 days ago
Ye'll having a baby omg l am so happy for you gass
Izzy Barker
Izzy Barker 27 days ago
His nose is so cuteeee🥺
katherine Escamilla
I hate that guy he hell of tall like 🦒
QWEEN ROBLOX 28 days ago
QWEEN ROBLOX 28 days ago
Francely Chavez
Francely Chavez 28 days ago
I don't want to see it im scared
Clickbait 🖕
Softy.OceanX 28 days ago
Done! Well I hope that the baby it’s doing just fine and I wish you and your family the best!
Rebecca Stephens
Rebecca Stephens 28 days ago
Life of Katie Wattie
You can go on wish or SHEIN
Trish Fox
Trish Fox 28 days ago
My friend coy crites is garbo jk
Carmen Reacts
Carmen Reacts 29 days ago
At they end I thought you were going to say you are going to have twins
ABC Tracks
ABC Tracks 29 days ago
And what is the name
ABC Tracks
ABC Tracks 29 days ago
Prayy for anthony and bella i can't wait to see hem.......☺
Val 29 days ago
Am so happy his okay and healthy! I feel like am his tia but he just doesn’t know it yet lol 💙 can’t wait for u guys to reveal his name! 😌😇
jordan benton
jordan benton 29 days ago
call your brother
b3bblyxMocha 29 days ago
You and your brother had the same voice:)
Madison Perez
Madison Perez 29 days ago
the baby looks like Anthony
Kamila Zoe
Kamila Zoe 29 days ago
Kamila Zoe
Kamila Zoe 29 days ago
My heart was beating so much I couldn’t do anything I thought he died😭😭😭🙁
devin gonzal
devin gonzal 29 days ago
I literally wish you guys the best, you guys have made me happy throughout the time I have been watching yall, I love you so much and congrats
daniel castillo
daniel castillo 29 days ago
10:04 next thing yk he isnt the real dad ;)
Lils 29 days ago
God bless y’all! And now that Jesus loves you!! That’s why he died on the cross for you, never forget that. He is always there when you need him, even when you think he’s not, he is. ❤️❤️
Harlee Statler
Harlee Statler 29 days ago
Not me coming to the comments thinking something happened.
Medellin Torres
Medellin Torres 29 days ago
Why did u scare us like that !
juan nonthe
juan nonthe 29 days ago
Pick the phone
Jayden Eutsler
Jayden Eutsler Month ago
He looks like Anthony ❤️
Judy Camacho
Judy Camacho Month ago
Bri Squad
Bri Squad Month ago
You need to get one of those things off of Amazon so you can hear the heartbeat whenever u want so you will never have to go threw this that’s what I went threw and I got one and I always felt better
BreEmm Salazar
BreEmm Salazar Month ago
Pick upppppppppp
Nana Thommy
Nana Thommy Month ago
Kiara Herrera
Kiara Herrera Month ago
“It’s not mean he deserves it” I’m dying😂💀
Cennaatjee 24
Cennaatjee 24 Month ago
Did she just say: “baby Marcus”??!!!😳✨😂😂
It's Saneiyah tv
😹💘I always annoy my 5 siblings the ones that I see😂😂
Sefora Julia
Sefora Julia Month ago
I think you have twins
Dannys Diaz
Dannys Diaz Month ago
Make sure he is wearing something yellow when he comes out of the hospital yellow is for good luck 💛
RehanPlayzmc Month ago
So happy the baby’s ok ✅
913 baca
913 baca Month ago
Just hopped off WZ to watch this
Mikayla Marie
Mikayla Marie Month ago
Me wondering how the baby looks like either of them right now...
Karina Saldivar
Karina Saldivar Month ago
he acts soo immature!!!
London Journy
London Journy Month ago
I saw the title and thought talk lost y'alls baby
_.offlcail_sherlyn._ .hm.
Happy birthday to your brother ❤️🎉🎂🎉🎈
Serenity Nowicki
He looks like his mom
_.offlcail_sherlyn._ .hm.
Anthony : so I don't want to drown him 😭😭😭
Aaron Cano
Aaron Cano Month ago
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So this happened...
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