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What’s up y’all! Welcome to our Couples channel. My name is Anthony \u0026 my Big headed Girlfriends name is bella. We are a Los Angeles based Couple , and on our channel you will see Pranks, Challenges, and vlogs. Laugh with us , Cry with us , Smile with us as we go thru life.
Insta : @ imanthonyvargas @bellaretamosa
So this happened...
14 days ago
Saying Goodbye...
2 months ago
3 months ago
Gabby's channel
It’s a prank? Isn’t it !
Anxliaa Hour ago
I can’t he took the toy when he wasn’t watching
alex Hour ago
“they were not even that bad” YES THEY WERE
Keyla 20
Keyla 20 Hour ago
From 1-10I would rate it Being parents It's 8
Nevaeh Parchmont
My favorite part was when they baked a cake and my moM cash app is $cryssannn
klondike blonde fan
You can tell you guys are going to be great parents btw I love your videos pls notic me all scream
Kerine Ward
Kerine Ward Hour ago
Baby room tour plzzzzzzzzzzzzz and baby bag💞💞💝💖💖
DayDaSavage Hour ago
michelle cruz
michelle cruz Hour ago
18 minutes early yessirrrr i hope all goes well with your actual baby though may god bless you both stay safe love you guys
Tashha Tyler
Tashha Tyler Hour ago
Go to sky zone
Joselyn 1
Joselyn 1 Hour ago
Anthony was fed up 🤣🤣
Alissiya Nero
Alissiya Nero Hour ago
It sounded fake
Yoselyn Pastrana
If my mom was there with us as the mom woth THOSE kids she would have slapped the shot out of us those kids don't listen lmao 😂
Malina M
Malina M Hour ago
Why do they look so cute 🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️
Elizabeth Raya
My favorite part was when they were baking a cake they’re so cute🥺❤️
Kaelyn Montoya
I can't wait until they have the baby 🍼🥰 he's gonna be so cute and they are gonna be great parents 💕
Austin Anthony
Omg I've watched all there videos and I'm so excited for their new addition to their family!!! He's going to be so Adorable ! Love you guys and good luck !❤
Jessica kelly
Jessica kelly Hour ago
I was about to cry 😢 😂
Lonely Girl Arie
Bella Boobop
Bella Boobop Hour ago
Also I been had on the post notification bell on for I think like about a year now btw love u guys soo much have a great day
Wendi Pena
Wendi Pena Hour ago
Cuz you ate it😭
Samantha Juarez
R.i.p head phones
Damian Valdovinos
I knew it the first part bc the small head
Angelica Gonzalez
I clicked faster than James Charles can make another apology vid
Omg he really said “cause you ate it” 13:20😂😂
Blue Ramirez
Blue Ramirez Hour ago
uhhhhhh you guys need more practice 😅😅😅next time don't keep saying the things they don't like for example you guys kept singing happy Birthday and that made the baby mad or upset so don't do that when he doesn't want it don't do it, but yea just need more practice also Anthony needs to stop spoiling the kids that's not a good way to raise them😅
Janesa Dawkins
Me: Mama? My Mama: Yeah? Me: How does a baby get in your stomach? My Mama: ... Bella: “You eat it”
Rinifyy -
Rinifyy - Hour ago
I love this!
Rox Cortez
Rox Cortez Hour ago
I feel bad for y’all 😂 love y’all’s videos 🥰❤️
Miliani Tapia
Miliani Tapia Hour ago
“What’s in Aunties tummy?” “A Baby” “How did the baby get in there?” “Cause you ate it” BHAAHAH 😂😂🤣😂🤣
Shanyn DuPris
Shanyn DuPris Hour ago
alexiz cisneros
I knew it wasn’t true because she was holding a blanket and the baby would be in the nicu for 2 months if that happened
Funny Prince
Funny Prince Hour ago
For a first time it wasn’t bad but all that sugar that was crazy but good job I would say i would’ve done the same
Alauna Mares
Alauna Mares Hour ago
I give both of y'all a 10/10, I think y'all worked really hard, I think y'all really deserve a break, because that was ALOT of crying
Navina Aguilar
Done love you guys 💖💗
Devi Singh
Devi Singh Hour ago
Crystal Gordon
My favorite part of the video is when Anthony was holding one of the kids and was struggling 😅😂 and I also liked when Aidan said Bella ate the baby, but I really loved this video 🥰 My cashapp is NaziahGordon but y’all get a 1000 at being parents ❤️❤️🥰❤️
Isabel Ignacio
my favorite part was when Ayddn was licking the bowl of the cake 😂😭 idk if I spelled his name right😖 sorry but you guys did do a great job!!🤍 $inignacio
Devi Singh
Devi Singh Hour ago
Devi Singh
Devi Singh Hour ago
Alexa Simon
Alexa Simon Hour ago
Simran Brar
Simran Brar Hour ago
Such clickbait
Devi Singh
Devi Singh Hour ago
Rara Nina
Rara Nina Hour ago
im sorry but those kids are crazy
nevaeh Hour ago
so.. i’m guessing i’m the only that didn’t fall for it 😐
Joselyn De Leon
Cause u ate it 🤣🤣
Naomi Reyes
Naomi Reyes Hour ago
9/10 those kids were crazy 😝
JaSiyah Ann
JaSiyah Ann Hour ago
Wendi Pena
Wendi Pena Hour ago
I love how he just screams out of no where🤣
Brxzy. nette
Brxzy. nette Hour ago
Skye Denny
Skye Denny Hour ago
Kianakai Hicks
JaSiyah Ann
JaSiyah Ann Hour ago
h0nestly. bella
Damn , em kids are too much 😭😭.
Carina Pasquerillo
I clicked faster than James could say heyyy sisterssss
Jackson King Snow
13mins and it’s booming 😂 U guys have a lot of view,God bless u guys. Can’t wait to see this baby 👶
Shondeen Bizahaloni
My son is 4 months old and let me tell you, IT IS HARD. As a new born, all they do is sleep, it’s a little easy because they sleep, but you pretty much wake up every hour or 2 hours for a feeding. DO NOT GO OVER 2 AND HALF HOURS of not feeding, their stomachs are as tiny as a marble that age. SLEEP WHEN YOU BABY SLEEPS. It’s a lot easier, I made the mistake and not doing that because I still had school, because you probably have atleast 5 hours of sleep a night for first 2 and half months. I wound type more my thumbs are cramping 😭
The Twisted sisters
awwww you guys are going to be great parents!!
Fatima Magana
Fatima Magana Hour ago
Yall got me so good 😂🤬
Anna Kouadio
Anna Kouadio Hour ago
Ignorze Hour ago
I new it my trust issues have all told me I should had not clicked this video
Alyssa Hour ago
lmfaooo how did the baby get in bellas stomach? she ate it
Marcela Valencia
I love the part where supposably the baby is crying and when yall turn it around it a stuffed animal cashapp- $Mary3219
Asia Collins
Asia Collins Hour ago
the one hour later part
destiny lira
destiny lira Hour ago
You guys will be good don't worry to much the baby will act the way you guys are and you guys are chill so they won't be like you brothers kids you guys got this I believe in you guys and congratulations🎉
Jaliyah Morgan
Angie Estrada
Angie Estrada Hour ago
no I thought it was fr😭😭
briana garcia
briana garcia Hour ago
I knew going fake but in same time thought be real lol
Angie Estrada
Angie Estrada Hour ago
joseph howell
joseph howell Hour ago
Cash app justjophes and my favorite part of the video is when y’all got us with the baby in Bella hands but anyways I can’t wait till you and Anthony have him so excited for baby content 😊
Wendy Carrillo
Awe so cute
queen kaylee
queen kaylee Hour ago
I turned on my notifications and I subscribed please shut out me
Evelyn Bautista
12:13 till the end when u guys were baking ....cash app evyquintana22
Tatyanna Nolan
"howd the baby get in there??" "you ateee itt" "i ate ittt" *looks at the camera*
Destiny Gant
Destiny Gant Hour ago
Soo mean 😤😂
Zahira Smith
Zahira Smith Hour ago
I thought babies Vargas was here already but at the same time I knew you guys were joking because parents was as your title so I clicked so fast on you guys USlift channel I'm so happy for you guys that you guys are having a baby you guys are going to be such a wonderful parents and I'm so happy for you guys and love you guys so much and baby Vargas is so lucky to have you guys Bella you're going to be a wonderful mother and Anthony you're going to be such a wonderful dad to and I just want to thank you guys for inspiring me on you guys Journey and I wish you guys all the best and I hope you guys can film a USlift video when baby Vargas comes because I would be really happy that he's here and that yes such wonderful parents that care about so much you guys taught me so much to Sierra when you guys started your journey with baby Farkas and other stuff but I just want to thank you guys and God bless each and everyone of you cuz I'm really proud of you guys and you guys are my favourite couple and I hope you guys have a wonderful day and you too baby Vargas and never give up and follow your dreams I make come true and I'm really happy that you guys are going to be proud parents and you guys are going to be wonderful moms and dads. # King and queen#pregnant#baby mama #Journey#Bella #godblessyouguys # baby Vargas#thank you #Anthony#AandBthings#mom# dad #boy#motherhood#dadhood❤🥺
Roline Castillion
I actueel toh that the baby was here i was so happy but concrats love yall😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚
Kaylin Gomez
Kaylin Gomez Hour ago
Omg 😂😂
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